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About Us.

Barter Build is a marketplace for recycled building materials.

Barter Build was born from 3 DIYers and 1 builder, who saw value and purpose in making the most of recycled building materials, particularly items like timber and bricks that have an extensive carbon footprint for new items.

Building materials account for about half of all materials used and about half the solid waste generated worldwide. 2006–07 data from the National Waste Report 2010 showed that 22 707 000 tonnes or 52 per cent of Australia’s waste was recycled. Of this, 42 per cent was from the building industry. According to the ABS 53.1 million tonnes of waste was generated in Australia in 2009-10, and a further 0.6 million tonnes was imported. The construction industry contributed the most waste to this total, at 16.5 million tonnes.

Of this generated and imported waste, 24.9 million tonnes was disposed to landfill, while 25.2 million tonnes of waste was recovered domestically and 3.7 million tonnes was exported. The most recovered type of waste by weight was timber and wood products, 91% of which was recovered. Other waste types that were recovered included glass (67%); masonry (55%); organics (48%); and paper and cardboard (47%).

Barter Build is here to encourage the continued recycling of this waste. We have created this online marketplace to facilitate the trade in recycled building materials for a maximum fee of $5 per item. Items can simply be posted to be picked up at no cost, and in these instances there is no fee and no money exchanging hands, it is FREE with no catches, no hidden tricks, just simply in the name of recycling and green building


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